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What are people saying about Birthing Joyfully?

" Bradley Please"

A poem by a couple that Birthed Joyfully 


Bradley method® is the best, to put your body to the test.  


No needles, no drugs,

nor interventions, 

other methods

don't deserve mention.


Relaxation is the key,

to giving birth so naturally.


A healthy baby is all we desire,

but the Bradley Method

will take you higher.


Through good nutrition

and education,

your birth experience

will be a sensation!


No matter what happens

during the test,

the important thing is:  

Do your BEST!



By: Ann & Tom C., SD


" Of all the childbirth preparation methods out there, Bradley does the best job in preparing women for the hard work of labor!"
Lenny Sue Tinseth LM,CPM, 
Alpine Midwifery


" The labor rehearsal was so helpful! You can learn so much about birth but we never thought to "practice" what we could do while in labor. My husband felt better equipped to support me and how to lead me into different positions that might help. He felt like he really had a role and had confidence in that."
- Mary & Kerry 
First time parents, OC 

Father with Newborn Baby

"Thank you for the birth classes.  It was a great learning experience for both of us!"  Liz & Leo, SD

"We are so grateful for our baby and such an uncomplicated natural birth.  We are very glad we took the Bradley classes.  I went from being totally overwhelmed just from taking a hospital tour to being able to labor and deliver my baby with peace of mind and confidence.  John knew exactly how to support me and was glad to have the experience of helping to deliver our baby.  Thanks for the great classes!"  Sharon & John

"Bryan was a great partner throughout the process and it really helped us to be educated on what to expect.  Thanks for all your help, Connie."

Andrea & Bryan, SD 

" He is perfect and we are so happy and thankful to have a drug free baby!  Thank you for everything!!"   

Minka & Mark, SD

"Thank you so much for the classes and for being our doula during such a challenging time. We really appreciate all that you did for us!"  The Cheney family, SD

"Connie Rivera and the Birthing Joyfully course was a great way to increase confidence and prepare for our second delivery.  Connie's extensive experience, specialized knowledge, and overall wisdom helped me to explore a variety of preventative and responsive strategies to common/uncommon delivery scenarios and practice creative ways to manage sibling preparation. Plus, I learned about many new resources, apps, and strategies which are now part of my birth and recovery plans. Thank you again Connie for a wonderful class. The information you shared and your overall guidance make us feel supported and cared for. Our minds can now focus more on welcoming baby Hudson with greater joy in our hearts. Big HUGS!"

Tara & Matthew, NV

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