Birthing Joyfully starts with Knowledge and Understanding,  Building Skills to Prepare You & Your Partner for Labor, Birth, Postpartum, and Caring for your Baby.  

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 Interactive Classes Live on Zoom

eight weeks, four weeks, express and more!

Condensed Version of the Traditional 12 Week Course. 

Each Class is 3 Hours for Eight Weeks

Equals 24 Hours of  Instruction

of the Traditional 12 Week Course  

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8 Week Bradley Method® 

Childbirth Preparation Course

8 Week Course:  $325.00 

4 Week Fast Track Course: $3o0.00 

Express: 4 classes in a few days $350.00


Refresher: $150.00

Early bird: $50.00


birth center & home birth: $50.00

baby care & the family: 80.00

grandparenting: $50.00

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Not your first time?

Refresh on the basics!

This is a Customizable Class (up to 9 hours based on your needs) that will Refresh you on the Basics of Childbirth and Life with your New Baby

  • Labor Stages/Phases

  • Relaxation Skills

  • Coaching

  • Labor Rehearsal

  • Tips for Sibling Prep

refresher course:  $150.00 

 Early Bird 

Designed to be taken in the first trimester between 10 & 20 weeks

This  3 Hour Class is a Jump Start to a Healthy Pregnancy and an Introduction to  The Bradley Method.

Early Bird Course:  $50.00 

the early bird fee is applied as a discount when you sign up the 8 week or 4 week Comprehensive course.

  • Learn about the Developing Baby

  •  What's going on in Mom's Body 

  • Common Mistakes most First Time Moms make and Tips to Avoid them

  • Essential Nutrition and Special exercises

  • Dealing with Common Discomforts

  • Overview of Options in Pregnancy

  • Birth, and After

  • Open Q&A.


Vaginal birth after cesarean

 3 Hour VBAC class introduces you to what is a VBAC, Tips, and Resources you need to get ready for a Vaginal Birth After a Cesarean. Designed to be taken with a  Bradley Method® class, any of my birthing classes.  Known for its High Success Rates for VBAC!

VBAC course:  $80.00

The VBAC fee can be applied to a full length class 

 Birth Center or Home Birth 

This three Hour Class covers the Unique Aspects of  

Out of Hospital Birthing Options.

  • The Role of a Midwife

  • Differences Between Hospital, Birth Center, & Home Birth

  • Safety

  • How Best to Prepare

  • Tips & Resources

  • Q&A

Birth Center or Home Birth Course:  $50.00 

Baby Care & The Family

Three Hour  Class that is All About Baby and the Family 

  • Newborn Characteristics,  Procedures, & Early Days

  • Feeding: Breast and Bottle

  • Diapering & Dressing

  • Swaddling, Soothing, & Sleep

  • Safety in Car, Home, & Outings 

  • Parenting Roles: The 4th Trimester

  • Introducing Baby to Siblings & Pets

  • Over 20 Insider Tips & Hacks!


Baby care  course: $80.00


Three hour class is fun, interactive! Updates grandparents on the latest  in birthing and baby trends, & reviews:

  • Swaddling,

  • Sleep,

  • Feeding,

  • Diapering,

  • Home Safety

  • Tips & Resources

  • This class is great for grandparents who want to to maximize their experience to best support their growing family.

Grandparenting Course:  $50.00