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Birthing Joyfully

   Knowledge, Understanding, and Effective Skills

to Prepare You & Your Partner for

Labor, Birth, Postpartum,

and Caring for Your Baby...  

pregnant belly
dad with newborn

 Interactive Classes
Live on Zoom
Specializing in Small Group
& Private Classes

Early Bird, Birthing,
Baby Care,
and More...


6 Week
Bradley Method® 

Natural Childbirth Course
Includes Baby Care Basics


Condensed Version of 

Traditional 12 Weeks

"No Magic in 12 Weeks...

It's All about Your Motivation!" 

6 Weeks-

Birth & Baby: 



Specialty Classes:  

by Appointment


Refresher/VBAC 3 Weeks:


*Early Bird: 12-25 Weeks



*Birth Center &

Home Birth Options:



Labor Coping Skills

One Class,


Labor Stages & Phases,

Coaching Tips,

 25+ Coping Skills, 

Labor Rehearsal

Situation Practice


*Baby Care Basics:





*Multi Class Discounts  

Information and Registration Below

Need more info? 

Let's talk live on Zoom,

Call, (leave a voicemail) 

or Text  


Not your First Time?
Planning a VBAC?

on The Essentials


Customizable Class:

3 Weeks

Each Class is 2-3 Hours   

Refresher Course:  $300.00 

  • Labor Stages/Phases

  • Relaxation Skills

  • Coaching

  • Labor Rehearsal

  • Tips for Sibling Prep

  • What Ifs? Variations, C-sec

  • Postpartum Care

Early Bird

 First Trimester  

12 - 25 Weeks
  3 Hour Class

Jump Start

to a Healthy Pregnancy,

Prepare for Labor

Early Bird Course:  $50.00 

 $50.00 is Applied as a Discount

on 6 Week Birth & Baby 

 Birth Center or
Home Birth

This Class

Covers the

Unique Aspects of  

Out of Hospital

Birthing Options

Tailored For:

1. Those Seeking

to Know More about

the Birthing Center &

Home Birth Options 


2. Birthing Center Preparation 


3. Home Birth Preparation


Class Will Be 


Tailored for Each

of These Options

  • The Role of a Midwife

  • Differences Between Hospital, Birth Center, & Home Birth

  • Safety

  • How to Prepare,               

  • Many Tips & Resources

  • Q&A

  • Birth Stories

Birth Center or Home Birth

Course:  $100.00 

Baby Care & The Family

Three Hour Visual & Interactive  Class

Prepares You for Your Newborn and Beyond....


  • First Moments of Bonding

  • Newborn Characteristics,

  • Procedures and Assessments

  • Choosing a Pediatrician

  • Early Days

  • Feeding: Breast and Bottle

  • Diapering & Dressing

  • Swaddling, Soothing, & Sleep

  • Safety in Car, Home, & Outings 

  • The All Important 4th Trimester

  • Siblings & Pets

  • Over 20 Insider Tips & Hacks!


Baby Care Class: $100.00


Three Hour Visual class is Fun & Interactive!

Updates Grandparents on the Latest  

in  Baby Care, Safety Trends

and Reviews:

  • Swaddling,

  • Sleep,

  • Feeding,

  • Diapering,

  • Dressing,

  • Home Safety,

  • Tips & Resources

Grandparenting Class:  $60.00 

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