Childbirth Classes & Beyond...

Birthing Joyfully starts with Knowledge and Understanding, then Builds up your Skills to Prepare You & Your Partner for Labor, Birth, Postpartum, and Caring for your Baby.  

Nutrition & Exercise

 Set a Healthy Foundation Through Nutrition and

Specific Exercises  

  • Nutrition for Pregnancy, Baby Development,  Labor,Postpartum and Breastfeeding

  • Special Exercise and Movements to Best Prepare for Labor, Birth, & Postpartum 

Labor & Birth 

  Replace Fear with Knowledge 

Gain Valuable

Labor Coping Skills  Increase Confidence


Cesarean &

Encourage VBAC

  • 4 Types of Key  Relaxation Techniques

  • Using Coping Skills & Tools: Rebozo, Ball, Massage, and More 

  • Coaching Skills for Effective Support  

  •  Evidence Based  Information, Know  Your Options 

  • Understand  the    "What Ifs"   Medications,   Induction, Cesarean other Medical Interventions 

Newborn & Postpartum

Learn about the Amazing Newborn & Infant Stages

  • Newborn Abilities 

  • Bonding

  • Breastfeeding,

  • Postpartum the 4th Trimester,Tips for the Best Recovery 

  • Early Parenting,How to Maximize your Baby's Brain Growth,

  • Home & Car Safety

  • Baby Care Skills & Over 20 Tips/Hacks

  • Diapering Options & How To Do 

  • Understanding Sleep and How to Encourage Good Sleep Habits

 Interactive Classes on Live Zoom 


Comprehensive 8 Week Bradley Method® Childbirth Preparation Course

Condensed Version of the Traditional 12 Week Course.  Classes meet for 3 Hour for Eight Weeks, Covering the 24 Hours of  Instruction of the Traditional 12 Week Course.  

Classes are Interactive and Include an Electronic Bradley Method® workbook.


For more information : 

Special COVID-19 Prices through 2021

8 Week Comprehensive Course:  $300.00 Per Couple

Questions: Click Contact

 Other Classes Available:  

All classes on live Zoom 

  • Refresher: $150.00 Not your first time? Refresh on The Basics!                  

  • Labor Stages/Phases, Relaxation Skills, Coaching, Labor Rehearsal, 

  • Tips for Sibling Prep.

  • Early Bird: $50.00: First Trimester anytime between 10 to 20 Weeks,

  • Class meets Once a Month, 3 Hour

  • Fee is Applied as a Discount for the 8 Week Course

  • Intro to The Bradley Method                    

  • Learn about the Developing Baby, What's going on in Mom's Body, 

  • Common Mistakes most First Time Moms make and Tips to Avoid them,

  • Essential Nutrition and Special exercises, Dealing with Common Discomforts,

  • Overview of Options in Pregnancy, Birth, and After.  Open Q&A.

  • VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean): $50.00, Fee applied to 8 Week Course. Informative, Resources, and Helpful Tips.  The Bradley Method® is Known for its High Success Rates for VBAC. 

  • Birth Center or Home Birth: $50.00,  3 Hour Class covers the Unique Aspects of these Out of Hospital Options, Midwives, Safety and How to Best Prepare, Q&A 

  • Baby Care & Postpartum: $80.00, 3 Hour Interactive Class, Everything about Baby:

  • Feeding: Breast or Bottle

  • Diapering & Dressing

  • Swaddling, Soothing, & Sleep

  • Safety in Car, Home, & Outings

  • Over 20 Insider Tips & Hacks!

  • Recommended for Interactive Portion of Class 

    • A Soft-Body, Baby Doll (or Teddy Bear),  18-21", 2 Newborn Diapers, 1 Onesie (Body T),     1 Sleeper (full body pj), and Swaddle Blanket 

  • The 4th Trimester: Postpartum is Unique and Challenging Time,

  • Tips and Hacks to Promote a Safe and Healthy Recovery. 

  • Information and Special Exercises for Strengthening Pelvic Floor and Correcting Diastasis Recti (separation of abdominal muscles) is Included.  

  • Grandparenting: $80.00, This 3 hour, Fun, Interactive class updates Grandparents on the Latest  in Birthing and Baby Trends, Including Swaddling, Sleep, Feeding, Diapering, Home Safety and How to Maximize Their Experience to best Support to Their Growing Family.    

  • Recommended for the Interactive Portion of Class

    • Soft-Body, Baby Doll (or Teddy Bear), 18-21", 2 Newborn Diapers, and Swaddle Blanket is Recommended for the Interactive Portion of Class

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